Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Favorite Stylists

I can generally be found browsing the web for fashion inspiration and a few years ago stylists took over my number one spot for style stalking. I like my good direct from the source so why not follow the people credited with creating looks for top celebrities?

Clockwise: Becca Alexis, Olori Swank, June Ambrose Beagy Zielinski

Becca Alexis - Becca Alexis is an English major who graduated college only to find herself back in school learning all things fashion. She Is based in New York and is credited with styling such celebrities as Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige. Check her out here
Olori Swank - I immediately started following Olori Swank a couple years ago. Olori is a Atlanta based stylist who went from studying Psychology & Biology and had intentions on being a neurosurgeon(crazy smart) when she decided to dive into fashion. She has a consulting firm and several websites including this one which sells the clothes used on her styling jobs. She has worked with athletes and celebrities alike including Dawn Richard & Keyshia Cole. Check out Olori here

June Ambrose - This woman really needs no introduction. She is a top stylist in the industry and has styled everyone from Sean Combs to Chrisette Michele. She has been around for ages and has endured the ever changing world of fashion. June is based in New York and is superwoman in my book juggling a busy style empire along with two adorable kiddies  and a husband. Check her out here
Beagy Zielinski - A New York based stylist who was raised in Europe. Beagy Zielinski has worked with some of the fiercest people in the spotlight including Kelly Rowland, Toni Braxton and Pharrell Williams. Zielinski is also the founder of L’Armoire Du Styliste which is a shoe and accessories rental studio based in New York. Check her out here

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